Valencia Culinary Meeting

What is Valencia Culinary Meeting?

The second edition of Valencia Culinary Meeting has arrived. For seven days, chef duets will be cooking produce-centred menus focusing on local yet universal gastronomy and promoting the love of good food as a global value.

Nine of València’s top restaurants will be offering special menus between February 25th and March 3rd. They will feature gastronomic creations resulting from the friendship between local chefs and renowned Spanish and foreign colleagues who’ve been invited into their kitchens. These exclusive “four hand” menus to be enjoyed in València’s restaurants are proof that local produce and technique pair perfectly with global vanguard.

Grill cooking, stews, vanguard technique, homogeneous versus contrasting bases, smoked meats, raw food and heritage cuisine, all with a shared respect for the produce, the land and the sea.

Back to the product

It is the moment of gastronomy based on memory and environment; the moment of looking at our territory and our past - because we are what precedes us. It's time for gastronomy to return to its essence, to a pure cooking style that looks more at the vegetable garden than the laboratory. It's time for gastronomy to know that the excitement on the table has much more to do with heart and pantry; with the soil, vegetables, herbs, owers and greens; the sea and the mountains. It is the year of product return.